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Immigration to Canada
                   BC Provincial Nominee Program

Individuals nominated by the Province of B.C., together with their spouse and
dependent children, are eligible to apply for a permanent resident visa from
Citizenship and Immigration Canada in the Provincial Nominee Class.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada gives priority to processing permanent
resident visa applications for provincial nominees. Citizenship and Immigration
Canada makes the final decision on these applications.

There are several ways to apply to be a permanent resident and live in British
•    Strategic Occupations Program
-    Skilled Workers
-    Designated Health Professionals
-    International Graduates
-    Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled Pilot Project

•    Business Immigrants

Strategic Occupations Program

Skilled Workers
This program helps employers in British Columbia recruit or retain highly
qualified foreign workers and immigrants. The employer and the prospective
employee (nominee candidate) submit a joint application to the program, and
if it's accepted, the immigration process is expedited

Designated Health Professionals
Applications in this category are limited to registered nurses, psychiatric
nurses and physicians recruited by provincial and regional health authorities
administered through Health Match BC, and who meet the Provincial Nominee
Program's requirements and Midwives who meet the Provincial Nominee
Program's requirements.

International Graduates
Nominee candidates in this category must have satisfied the requirements for
an eligible degree or diploma conferred by a recognized post-secondary
institution in BC before accepting an offer of employment. Further to be
eligible under this category, nominee candidates will be expected to have
earned an overall mark of at least 70 percent in their program. They will also
need to include in their application the name of a faculty member or senior
administrator of the BC institution where they studied for their degree or
diploma who will serve as a reference. Lastly, the BC PNP will only consider
applications for International Graduates who will be hired for eligible

International Post-Graduates Pilot Project
NOTE: The BC PNP’s International Post-Graduate Pilot Project is a three year
pilot ending on May 28, 2013. Applications under this pilot project may be
submitted until that date.
Nominee applicants to the International Post Graduate Pilot Project must have
satisfied the requirements for an eligible masters or doctorate degree from a
recognized post-secondary institution in BC within the last two years.
Specifically, an application must be received by the BC PNP within two years
of the date shown on the final official transcript. If more than six months have
passed since the completion of studies, it is expected that the Nominee
Applicant will have obtained a temporary work permit valid for work in BC.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Pilot Project
This 2-year pilot project applies to select occupations and eligible employers in
the tourism/hospitality, food processing and long-haul trucking industries, and
to qualifying foreign workers. Nominee applicants must have been employed in
an eligible occupation by the sponsoring company on a temporary work permit
for at least 9 months immediately prior to the date of application to the
Provincial Nominee Program and must be legally employed by the sponsoring
company at the time of application.

Briefly, the requirements for applying to the Strategic Occupations component
of the Provincial Nominee Program are as follows:

•    The employer has offered, and the nominee candidate has accepted,
permanent, full-time employment in a skilled occupation
•    The candidate is qualified to do the job
•    The wage offered is competitive with BC wage rates for the occupation
•    The nominee candidate’s field of employment offers good long-term
•    The employer must be financially sound, have a history of good practices,
and normally must have been operating in BC for at least one year and have at
least five paid employees
•    The employment of a foreign worker will be of significant economic benefit
to B.C.
•    The employment of a foreign worker will not adversely affect the
settlement of a labour dispute, or the employment of anyone involved in any
such dispute
•    The nominee candidate has the ability to become economically established
in BC

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- Work experience cannot be used
to qualify for the CEC for six
occupations: Cooks, Food service
supervisors, Retail sales
supervisor and etc.
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- No longer applications for open
work permits from spouses and
working age dependent of TFWs
destined for BC
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- Bridging Open Work Permits for
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